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Enola Holmes

Hello Nerdy Friends!

After re-watching Terminator 2 I watched this movie on Netflix, which is curious, while Terminator 2 is a boy’s movie dream, this is a girl’s movie dream. Why do I say so? They go to look for the cool mother and save her, cool “big brother” (we take Terminator as brother), cool and very competent kid who solves a really difficult problem, … right?? no? Ok, don’t mind me. Yes, I know, Terminator is WAY better.

It all starts with Enola being alone, because that’s all her name is about. She lived with her mother and suddenly her mother disappears and she decides to search for her. She obviously has to find a cute guy on the way to adventure, which is key for this story! No more spoilers please.

I think in general it is not a bad movie, I think it has some beautiful shots and I was not bored. I was a bit disappointed because it is not a movie that makes you think and try to solve puzzles, there is no “ahá!” moment that you expect from a Holmes movie/series. It came with some cool phrases criticizing privilege.

About the main actors: I actually like Millie Bobby Brown, I like her work, I think she was good as Enola. I didn’t like Henry Cavill as Sherlock, I think he is a really cool actor, but I don’t like this Sherlock very much. No beauty contests in this movie, sorry.

Live long and prosper!

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Hello friends!

I just watched Terminator 2 again. Not that I watched it several times but what a great movie. Terminator 1 was already good but the twist of the T-800 was amazing. I will try to not do spoilers, even tho I think for such an old move it shouldn’t matter.

It is really well done, some CGI for removing ropes, some shots with the T-1000, or even the shots fixing the machine. I was wondering how they did some of the shots and I found out that Hamilton, Sarah Connor, HAS A TWIN SISTER. They used her for the movie, no wonder those shots looks so good.

Talking about looking good, not only Schwarzenegger was ripped, Robert Patrick and Linda Hamilton were also working hard. I read that she trained for 3 hours per day, 6 days a week before filming. She destroyed one of the actors in the mental hospital during the escape scene. And Robert Patrick was really able to run that fast and load/reload guns without looking.

It is a 100% recommended movie, I think it will even get over 100% if you are a young boy (badass mother, badass guardian, being a badass nerd,..). Actually I didn’t see the alternate ending until this year.

The beauty contest for this movie is all about Sarah Connor, I mean, look at her. She could totally step on my face and I would thank her.

Live long and.. I mean Hasta la vista baby!

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Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Hello friends!

Today we are going to talk about Star Trek The motion Picture, it is a movie that is older than me! I have to say, the first time I watched something from Star Trek was not a good “First Contact”. When I watched this movie for the first time I fell asleep. I think that it was “siesta time” had something to do with it too.

I think that if you haven’t watched anything from Star Trek and you watch this movie now it will be a bit difficult. This year I became a Star Trek fan, before I was only a Star wars fan, I watched all Star Trek series and all the movies and I loved it. I gave this movie another chance and I think it is a great movie for Star Trek fans only. They spent a lot of time showing the Enterprise: close-up shot to Kirk, shot to the Enterprise, Kirk, Enterprise,… I think here is where I fell asleep the first time because after that I couldn’t remember anything else more.

Overall I really enjoyed it, I think the story was interesting and I enjoyed watching Enterprise details. I want to make some funny comments that called my attention without giving any spoilers.

So the film starts with an energy cloud killing people, Kirk was inspecting the Enterprise, which was commanded by another Captain, and they had to take this problem and solve it immediately. The problem is, Kirk wants to be the Captain, so all the drama started. Usually Kirk is in the middle of all the drama and all the romantic topics but in this case the romantic topic came with another person. They introduce a bald woman who, in one of her first conversations, pointed out she was celibate. In that moment we all knew that was going to be our romantic part of the film.

At last but not least, the beauty contest from this movie:

  • In Third place: First images of Spock with a astonishing wig, like Prince Valiant.
  • In Second place: Scotty with the black Renaissance ruffle collar, he is one step ahead in technological fashion.
  • In First place: We can’t ignore Bones, he transported right after his rehearsal with the Bee Gees. And after a transporter malfunction.

Jokes aside, I enjoyed this movie and I would really recommend it if you are a Star Trek: TOS fan.

Live long and prosper!