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Hello friends!

I just watched Terminator 2 again. Not that I watched it several times but what a great movie. Terminator 1 was already good but the twist of the T-800 was amazing. I will try to not do spoilers, even tho I think for such an old move it shouldn’t matter.

It is really well done, some CGI for removing ropes, some shots with the T-1000, or even the shots fixing the machine. I was wondering how they did some of the shots and I found out that Hamilton, Sarah Connor, HAS A TWIN SISTER. They used her for the movie, no wonder those shots looks so good.

Talking about looking good, not only Schwarzenegger was ripped, Robert Patrick and Linda Hamilton were also working hard. I read that she trained for 3 hours per day, 6 days a week before filming. She destroyed one of the actors in the mental hospital during the escape scene. And Robert Patrick was really able to run that fast and load/reload guns without looking.

It is a 100% recommended movie, I think it will even get over 100% if you are a young boy (badass mother, badass guardian, being a badass nerd,..). Actually I didn’t see the alternate ending until this year.

The beauty contest for this movie is all about Sarah Connor, I mean, look at her. She could totally step on my face and I would thank her.

Live long and.. I mean Hasta la vista baby!